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Question: Told a girl i liked them and now how to procede?
Answer: LMAO! So true, and love the bollywood style opening The episode starts off with Frankie and Madame Foster leaving for the day, but before Madame Foster leaves, she gives a warning not to throw any wild parties while she is gone. Bloo hears this and begins to plan the party, although Mr.
Question: Am I really a bisexual man?
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Question: Women guests like what in a man's home?
Answer: Bc kuch bhi.

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Question: Ladies how does this story sound to you?
Answer: She is sexy as hell

I fail to remember pardon.

Question: Are relationships really worth it?
Answer: I don't beieve this video, this feels like most western countries in europe is like, what the serious fuck, if it is such a large percentage.

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Question: Breaking up is hard to do?
Answer: I'm Mexican and I totally love it

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Question: Am i a cradle snatcher?
Answer: Marina: they look like a real couple :)

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Question: Growing up , who did you have a crush on?
Answer: As I always knew, brazilian portuguese is more melodious, friendly and soft. On the other hand, european portuguese is more harsh and polite.

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Question: How do I get a date?
Answer: Girl Spain

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Question: Online dating:have you ever had this happen?
Answer: Pls do Australia

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Question: Boys, would you prefer girls that have sexual intercourse/contact with (many) guys?
Answer: Is that butter with bread I see?

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Question: Why do people use Marriage as an excuse to pig out?
Answer: Wow, that Portuguese was pretty difficult to understand, even though I'm Brazilian

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Question: Does anybody else find the bar scene hilarious?
Answer: Cuties :D loved the swedish girl :*

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Question: How do your relationships start?
Answer: The most convenient thing in the Netherlands is that EVERYONE speak english, it's a huge relief after countries like Spain or Italy. The women is also tall as hell. I'm a tall russian man and I feel average in the Netherlands.

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Question: Do most women get turned off if a man gets feelings FIRST?
Answer: Hrrrghhh.The cringe! I'm cringing because it's true.

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